Pelican 3.5 released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Pelican 3.5. Highlights of the improvements contained in this release follow below.

For those who are new to Pelican, please refer to the Quickstart Guide. There is also a Tutorials page available, which currently includes a link to a Pelican installation screencast.


  • Introduce ARTICLE_ORDER_BY and PAGE_ORDER_BY settings to control the order of articles and pages.
  • Include time zone information in dates rendered in templates.
  • Expose the reader name in the metadata for articles and pages.
  • Allow storing static files in the same directory as content source files, without causing the raw content sources to be published.
  • Introduce the {attach} internal link syntax for placing a static file in the same output directory as the document that links to it.
  • Prevent Pelican from raising an exception when there are duplicate pieces of metadata in a Markdown file.
  • Introduce the TYPOGRIFY_IGNORE_TAGS setting to add HTML tags to be ignored by Typogrify.
  • Add the ability to use - in date formats to strip leading zeros. For example, %-d/%-m/%y will now result in the date 9/8/12.
  • Ensure feed generation is correctly disabled during quickstart configuration.
  • Fix PAGE_EXCLUDES and ARTICLE_EXCLUDES from incorrectly matching sub-directories.
  • Introduce STATIC_EXCLUDE setting to add static file excludes.
  • Fix an issue when using PAGINATION_PATTERNS while RELATIVE_URLS is enabled.
  • Fix feed generation causing links to use the wrong language for month names when using other locales.
  • Fix an issue where the authors list in the simple template wasn't correctly formatted.
  • Fix an issue when parsing non-string URLs from settings.
  • Improve consistency of debug and warning messages.

For a full list of changes, see:

Upgrading from previous releases

While we do everything we can to maximize backwards compatibility and ensure smooth Pelican upgrades, it's possible that you may encounter un-anticipated wrinkles. If you run into problems, please reach out via the #pelican channel on IRC, and we will update this post with any upgrade tips contributed by the Pelican community.