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  1. Pelican 4.1 released

    Pelican 4.1 has been released and includes the following enhancements, fixes, and tweaks:

    • Live browser reload upon changed files (provided via Invoke task)
    • Add pyproject.toml, managed by Poetry
    • Support for invoking python -m pelican
    • Add relative source path attribute to content
    • Allow directories in EXTRA_PATH_METADATA
    • Add all_articles variable …
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  2. Pelican 4.0 released

    Pelican 4.0 has been released, including many enhancements, fixes, and tweaks. Highlights include:

    • Replace develop_server.sh script with pelican --listen
    • Improved copy/link behavior for large static files (e.g., videos)
    • New {static} syntax to link to static content
    • Pages can now have draft status
    • Show current settings via …
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  3. Pelican 3.6 released

    Pelican 3.6 has been released. Highlights of the improvements contained in this release follow below.

    For those who are new to Pelican, please refer to the Quickstart Guide. There is also a Tutorials page available, which also includes a link to a Pelican installation screencast.


    • Disable caching by …
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